The Two Types of Side-Impact Collisions

The Two Types of Side-Impact Collisions

Any collision where one of the cars is directly struck from the side is considered to be a “side-impact” collision. These types of car accidents can vary wildly in the level of danger they can carry, however they can be extremely dangerous if they occur with speed. While the front and rear of a vehicle offer a substantial amount of protection and metal between the impact and the occupants of the vehicle, side-impact accidents have much less protection, which means they could potentially become more dangerous at much lower speeds as compared to other types of collisions.

There are two primary types of side-impact collisions, which we detail on this blog:

Side-Swipe Collisions

A side-swipe collision is usually the less-dangerous of the two types of side-impact accidents. These occur when the sides of two cars collide, such as when one driver doesn’t look before merging lanes and runs directly into the side of another motorist. In many instances, the risk of injury from the collision itself is actually fairly low in side-impact collisions, usually because the impact occurs at a lower-speed. However, these accidents are known for causing cars to lose control, spin out, or collide in other ways, which also further increases the chances of an injury.

T-Bone Collisions

Unlike side-swipe collisions, T-bone accidents are extremely dangerous. These involve the front or rear of a vehicle striking the side of another car at speed. These usually involve the transfer of a substantial amount of force, which often crumbles the side of the struck car and risks seriously injuring an occupant of the vehicle.

T-bone collisions frequently lead to a number of serious injuries, including broken ribs, neck injuries, concussions, and more due to the lack of support and adequate protection around the sides of passengers. It’s not uncommon for passengers to get launched across the cabin of a car and into the body on the other side, resulting in even more chance of injury.

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